Robert D'Amore
Master Stylist

Robert was born in the United States from an Italian heritage. Hair was always his passion, as a teenager he used to do makeovers on his niece and family members. After graduating from high school there was no doubt that Robert would go to cosmetology school. Robert enrolled himself in New England hair academy and immediately established himself as an outstanding student. The teachers knew that in time he would establish himself as one of the top men in his field. While in school, Robert worked at a prestigious hair salon in Danvers. It was there that he furthered his knowledge by attending hair cutting and color classes. Robert holds 4 certifications in color: one in Redken, Miss Clairol, Framesi and All-Nutrient hair color. Robert's other accomplishments include studying abroad in Italy. While overseas, he refined his work by working alongside several European hair designers. Under their tutelage he learned the secrets of European color techniques and cutting designs.

Robert is extremely knowledgeable about his craft. He is confident and daring. His talent for hair design well known in both New England and abroad. He can transform anyone's dried, frizzy unkempt hair into stylish, sleek radiant hair. Robert now owns Salon D'Amore, a salon that he conceptualized and brought to life, and it is now the newest home for his creativity.

Erin Gould

Erin Gould, from Lynnfield, has been working as a professional hairstylist on the North Shore area. Having been active in the beauty industry since 1998.Erin is a treasure to the Salon D’Amore family and Danvers itself. Erin is known for her in-depth consultations that always result in a beautiful and gorgeous style anyone can duplicate at home. Taking into account your lifestyle and vision, she is able to give the kind of expert advice and services only someone with intense passion and precise skill can deliver. Erin holds 4 certifications in color: one in Redken, Miss Clairol, Framesi and All-Nutrient hair color. Also specializing in Coppola Keratin Treatments. Erin is renowned for her ability to deliver and maintain expertly blended tones resulting in beautiful, natural shades or exciting splashes of color. Erin excels in razor, scissor and classic cutting techniques making her the perfect stylist to accommodate anyone who enters the salon.

When Robert first met Erin he knew they would work perfectly together and become great friends. Robert new that she would be the exact caliber of stylist that he was looking for. Erin's personality unquestionably adds to the atmosphere that of Salon D'Amore. Robert is proud to have her be a part of his hand-tailored and fabulous design team.

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